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You can now access archived webinars highlighting various topics designed for pharmacy buyers.

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COVID-19 Webinar Series

View our webinars highlighting various topics related to the
COVID-19 pandemic

Purchasing Lessons Learned through the Pandemic — October 2020Watch now >> 

Importance of Data and Analytics Today with COVID-19 and in the Future — May 2020 Watch now >> 

Pharmacy Operation Considerations During COVID-19 Pandemic — 
May 2020 Watch now >> 

Common COVID-19 Drug Therapy in Critical Care and Supply Chain Management Considerations —
April 2020 Watch now >> 


Other Topics

Professional development:
Creating your brand as a pharmacy buyer — 
July 2019Watch now >>

Have a seat at the table:
Helping pharmacy buyers influence leadership decisions — 
October 2018
Watch now >>


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